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Getting Closable Shipper Leads, Social Media and Freight Genie CRM.

1. We analyze shipper data from FMSCA, Government Agencies, and banks.
2. Our team of lead generation specialists analyzes these data based on a 10-point criteria.
3. Clouds software finds and makes sure leads are properly vetted and are not sent to more than1 customer within a 90 day timeframe.
4. Closable shippers are sent to your inbox everyday along with key shipper intelligence, turning every cold call into a warm call.
5. Our very own customer success agents measures your success rate with the leads you receive. They also work with you to continually redefine a sales and lead strategy that works for you.
6. As part of our sales community, you gain access to ebooks, playbooks, and cold call scripts to increase your chance of closing shippers.
7. Close the shipper. Be persistent and prepare for every call.

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