Freight Genie

Your All-in-One Sales and Marketing Solution
Find, Close, and Manage Shippers on Autopilot with Automation and AI

What we can do for you


The Freight Genie sends you 1 to 5 pre vetted quality shippers to your inbox every day for life allowing you to skyrocket your business.


The Freight Genie lead automation system is your resource to engage with qualified FTL or LTL shippers directly, leaving you with high paying loads and repeat business.


Our customers spend less time managing paperwork, customer requests, and wasting time calling uninterested prospects and more time growing their network of shippers.


The Freight Genie sends you personalized shipper leads that allow you to avoid load board competition.

digital marketing

The Freight Genie can also help you run a digital marketing campaign on all your social media platforms.

broker training

The Freight Genie provides broker training and coaching that will lessen the learning curve and eliminate costly mistakes in being a freight broker.

WEB DEsign

We can build you a freight website that will get you more shippers and have a stronger online presence and we do SEO services.

freight sign

Freightsign is the easiest way for your freight brokerage to vet carriers painlessly with fully customizable forms, automation and digital signing.

crm tool

Be able to streamline your communication workflow by allowing you to send the same email to multiple contacts in one action and more.

Grow your freight business like magic.

At Freight Genie, we simplify your day by giving you highly qualified shippers who spend 100,000s to millions of dollars on the transportation of their freight every year. The best part is we will deliver these leads right to your inbox every day, so you do not have to spend time searching for leads yourself. All you have to do is call them.

Your time is valuable and this business does not sleep. Join the thousands of transportation companies that are growing their book of business going direct to shippers.